Are You Ready to Retire?

COULD YOU FUND A 20-YEAR RETIREMENT? For most Americans, retirement is the largest financial undertaking of their lives.

You've worked hard. Even if you've done a great job accumulating assets over the years, planning for retirement can be a daunting task with lots of unanswered questions:

  • Will you outlive your money?
  • How will you pay for increasing medical costs?
  • When should you start receiving social security?
  • What if you or your spouse needs nursing or assisted living care?
  • How can you maximize your income & minimize taxes in retirement?
  • How can you protect your retirement income from inflation/market volatility?
  • How do you properly plan for estate taxes and maximize wealth transfer?

For over 25 years, we have provided comprehensive financial strategies, top-tier insurance & investment products, and sound guidance that helps individuals and families build, protect, spend, and distribute assets in a way that expands their lives and allows them to live more abundantly.

We design & implement retirement income plans that guarantee our clients won’t outlive their money, reduces market risk & taxes, account for increased healthcare costs, and includes wealth transfer.

In 2020, we aligned with StreamSong Advisors, an investment management firm based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Founded by Tom Braun and Kerby Wallick, StreamSong provides proactive, customized portfolio management with tactical asset allocation, core & satellite equity, fixed income, and alternative investments. We make calculated moves as the market changes to exploit opportunities, mitigate risk and increase value.

Together, we collaborate along with your other advisors (CPA, Attorney, and Human Resources) to help you answer these questions and build the roadmap to achieving your ultimate retirement goal. Our retirement analysis provides recommendations and solutions specific to your goals and objectives. We can model multiple financial strategies to help you achieve your BEST retirement life.


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 Melissa L George, CFS®

CEO/Financial Planner

Certified Financial Fiduciary®





Thomas Braun

President/Investment Advisor






Kerby Wallick, CFA® 

Chief Investment Strategist