Corporate Transitions


Corporate transitions come in many forms. Getting promoted, changing divisions or departments, changing companies or industries or transitioning out of corporate all together. What can help in this era of confusing and sometimes uncertain trends in corporate America is a consultation with us.

Are you maximizing your executive compensation package?

Do you know what stock options are available with the positions you are pursuing and are these the right options for your life plan?

Should you be negotiating for a different mix of rewards and compensation? Is that an option where you are or should this be part of your search criteria as you prepare your life?

Corporate Transitions Consultation analyzes the details of your executive compensation plan and explains how it affects your perks, position, and pocketbook! Just as the company you work for designs the overarching compensation strategy, you should have a total rewards plan to better negotiate, reposition, and determine the right mix of benefits and how they fit your life. Get prepared and start a new season by discussing the financial strategy of your career options.

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