Making Lives Grow!


MLG: Making Lives Grow is the brand promise of Melissa L. George and Associates, a proactive custodian of planning for life's transitions. Having a collaborative partner changes the ride of life's peaks and valleys to a smooth journey. Making Lives Grow is about a special recipe: education, experience and expansion!   

As a seasoned financial services veteran with corporate and independent experience, Melissa is the personification of making lives grow...credentialed, creative and caring. Clients, regardless of the size of their portfolio or assets, don't feel intimidated or overwhelmed; they feel enlightened and engaged! Her firm's approach is a methodical discipline to build, protect, spend, and distribute assets in a way that the client's life grows.

“Financial planning allows me to be an authentic solution-maker for my clients. Unlike captive agents, I have the objectivity and breadth of products and resources to effect and expand the lives of my turn, their lives grow.”                                                                                    Melissa L. George Bailey 

Learn more about Melissa in this brief interview...HERE

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